Amazon India Hiring Over 1,000 People in a Push to R&D and AI


Amazon India is looking for hire over 1000 people from India, most of the position is being for software engineers. It is good news for software professionals because IT industries are cutting jobs but Amazon India is looking for recruitment.

From the reports of Times of India, the recruited will look after automation, cloud computing division, research and development (R&D) for company’s various arms-,, and the devices business like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kindle.


In the current year, Moneycontrol reported that Amazon was going to create 5000 new jobs in India. The new jobs are open for Amazons Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai Offices. At the company’s job portal listed 1215 open positions in India on Friday. The Amazon has around 50,000 employees in the country and company close to 3.5 lakh worldwide.

Amazon’s employee’s strength in India is in the second position and in the first place is taken by the US, where it is headquartered.

The report quoted Dale Vaz, director of the software development at Amazon India, “The numbers are mind boggling. We are looking at a fully functional tech organization in India and are hiring varied skills across several job families. India is a big focus area for talent.”

Amazon Made for India
Amazon Made for India

Vaz added in his statement, “We are always looking for Android app developers who can solve India-specific problems like the fragmentation of the Android universe with smaller capacity handsets and the poor connectivity and speed in India. We have seen the India team reinventing the Amazon app experience.”

Amazon’s half of the job positions (550) are located in Bengaluru. 385 vacancies in Hyderabad and 144 vacancies in Chennai.




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